Thursday, March 31, 2011

Living ‘Grace’fully

(This is a poem about Grace Ma’am - Maya’s Class Teacher, IV – B, Akshayah MHSS)

Make mistakes, even if trifle, & we can see a ‘blaze’
On our class teacher Grace Ma’am’s face!

In my notebooks, you can find in many a place
Written in red, ‘Untidy…Write neatly…leave space!

Forget the ID card, or mistakenly wear black shoe & she says
‘Maya, you are fined! Her shrewdness makes me daze!

Though I used to get upset in the initial days
I realized that it was all for my good – a betterment phase!

Getting corrected at the right time in right pace
Will definitely help in building a strong base!

Giving examples from her childhood days
She tells us the importance of being active always!

In spite of having three servants at her place
She used to run around & do what her mom says!

“So my dear children, to be healthy, don’t ever laze”,
“Be fit like me”, she says with a twinkling gaze!

These hard but precious advice, gradually made me change my ways
I slowly saw a better me, making everyone around me amaze!

“Ah! Great improvement in handwriting”, my mom showers praise
I softly smile & tell her, the credit goes to Ma’am Grace!

Thank you Ma’am
Written by Mom (Durga U.K)
On behalf of Maya
30th March 2011

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