Thursday, March 31, 2011

Art Section

This is a portrait of Maya done by her dad.

Photo Section:

Maya and her friends on the Sports Day at Akshayah (II std)

Her Karate stints (extracurricular activity at Akshayah)

Living ‘Grace’fully

(This is a poem about Grace Ma’am - Maya’s Class Teacher, IV – B, Akshayah MHSS)

Make mistakes, even if trifle, & we can see a ‘blaze’
On our class teacher Grace Ma’am’s face!

In my notebooks, you can find in many a place
Written in red, ‘Untidy…Write neatly…leave space!

Forget the ID card, or mistakenly wear black shoe & she says
‘Maya, you are fined! Her shrewdness makes me daze!

Though I used to get upset in the initial days
I realized that it was all for my good – a betterment phase!

Getting corrected at the right time in right pace
Will definitely help in building a strong base!

Giving examples from her childhood days
She tells us the importance of being active always!

In spite of having three servants at her place
She used to run around & do what her mom says!

“So my dear children, to be healthy, don’t ever laze”,
“Be fit like me”, she says with a twinkling gaze!

These hard but precious advice, gradually made me change my ways
I slowly saw a better me, making everyone around me amaze!

“Ah! Great improvement in handwriting”, my mom showers praise
I softly smile & tell her, the credit goes to Ma’am Grace!

Thank you Ma’am
Written by Mom (Durga U.K)
On behalf of Maya
30th March 2011

Saturday, March 26, 2011



My Experience …through my mother’s pen

On Jan 24th 2011, the students of classes 3, 4 & 5
Were all very excited and in spirits so high

It was the day we set off for an excursion
Coromandal Club at Sriperumbudur was the location

After a prayer, we began our much awaited journey
Our class teachers & 3 masters were there to accompany

In batches of three, we went on a camel ride
Seated tall, it was a moment filled with pride

Magician, with the touch of his magic stick
Enthralled us with a show that was fantastic

The most enjoyable was the ride on the bullock cart
Sudden pour of rain (man-made) was the surprise part

The teachers played cricket and had fun
It was really nice to see them all run

Amidst the excitement and entertainment
There was, for me, a little disappointment

I lost my slippers- a brand new pair, I must say
It was a gift from my grandma on my birthday

”Losing slippers or shoes is always good” is a superstitious belief
When my aunty said this, it was a sort of consolation and relief

Above all, the fun we had, made me forget my sadness
I walked home bare-footed with no less happiness

Our special thanks to the Principal, teachers and management
For giving a change from the routine that was full of enjoyment

Thanks to our van drivers for the safe travel
All said and done…All’s well that ends well

S. Maya – IV STD B and mother – Durga U.K



On Saturday, the 7th February 2015, was our much awaited picnic!
We set off along with 7 teachers in 4 buses to a place so terrific!!

The picnic spot was none other than the Choki Dhani Village!
Known for bringing to life – a colourful Rajasthani  heritage!!

This village has all the elements of ethnic culture and tradition!
With food, fun & entertainment – all at one-stop destination!!

The moment we reached there, we were given a warm welcome!
With juice, smearing of Tilak, dummy horse dance & beats of drum!!

After refreshing ourselves, we got set for many a ride with pride!
Bullock Cart ride, Horse ride, & what more – we even had camel ride!!

Next, we watched the Rope balance that was truly amazing & exciting!
Followed by Puppet show & Magic show which were quite entertaining!!

With great confidence we went to play Maze!
But alas! We got confused & lost track of the place!!

Meanwhile, some students got their hands beautified with Mehendi!
And managed to make friends with those artists by conversing in Hindi!!

Few lucky ones got beautiful tiny pots made by the Potter!
Which were so creatively and skillfully done then & there!!

Peeping through bioscope was a new experience altogether!
Though it was an age-old form of motion picture projector!!

Then, we went to Saibaba temple inside the cave!
And came back with the blessings (we believed) he gave!!

Alas! The time had come to depart!
Which we did with a heavy heart!!

 A picnic filled with fun & excitement– none can forget ever!
We will cherish all these in our memories forever!!

Photos captured in many of our mobile phones are a treasure!
That’ll surely help us to relive those moments with pleasure!!

We thank the Principal, teachers, staff & the management!
For having arranged a picnic that was full of enjoyment!!

S. Maya
Akshayah Matriculation Hr Sec School
 (Saai, Madhumitha, Varshitha, Gitanjali, Zeba &  Maya went to Pondicherry along with Saai's parents Saravanan and Sangeetha)

Maya's Achievements

1. Painting Competition conducted by Mylapore Academy

Maya receiving the third prize in the painting competition conducted by Mylapore Academy on the occasion of Children's day.

In this photo, you can see me also on the stage with an old certificate. Actually 30 years back I got consolation prize in the painting competition conducted by the same Mylapore Academy. When I showed them the certificate (1978), the panel of the Mylapore Academy were surprised. Some members are still working there. Another person said the Chairman at that time was his father. They were so happy and asked me to show it to the Chief Guest on the stage. That was a great moment for me.

2. Painting Competition conducted by World of Titan in 2010

This is the photocopy of Maya's Art - Topic was My city Green city

Maya's Participation certificate from the World of Titan

About Akshayah's Annual Day-2009

A few words about Akshayah’s Annual Day
Which kept all our worries at bay

Mr David compered the whole show with great flair
Sprinkled with humour here and there

The day brought to light the students’ talent
Which was by all means excellent

A little one stole the show in “Old McDonald had a farm”
His loud voice and innocent laughs had the audience in amused form

Costumes for all the programmes especially dancing
Were cute, colourful and dazzling

The Chief Guest Mrs Aysha’s speech
Was inspiring with a personal touch

Credit goes to Mrs Raj and Mrs George
Who are the Princis in charge

Kudos to the teachers and dance masters too
Who made the event successful with ideas fresh and new

Giving away prizes for academics and attendance
Was a great encouragement and motivation for students

If not for the distance and rain
There would’ve been no strain

Hope by next year, Akshayah will have a big hall
To conduct all the events and accommodate all

Three cheers to Akshayah
Hiphip hurrah, hiphip hurrah, hiphip hurrah!!!

Durga U.K
M/o S. Maya
Akshayah Matriculation Hr Sec School

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Relished birthday party

This is a poem that I wrote on behalf of my daughter S. Maya, who is now in 4 std. She thoroughly enjoyed the birthday party hosted by her friend Kaavya on Dec 29th 2009. With the help of the detailed description that Maya gave, I wrote this poem.

Happy birthday Kaavya
From your dear friend Maya

The birthday party was full of fun
With lots of prizes to be won!

I enjoyed not only the pony ride
But also the swing, ladders and the slide

There were riddles, puzzles and games galore
Not only for kids but also for the adults to explore

My aunt said that the “Houseful” game was nice
For which she won a golden purse as prize

Be it stacking coins, vegetable passing or bead stringing
My grandma felt that everything was interesting

Getting a chance to play with real animals and birds
Oh my! I just can’t express my happiness in words

The balloon bursting had lots of surprises in store
I managed to collect stickers, golden glitters and lots more

Though my mom felt sad to have missed the party
My happiness & enjoyment made her feel very hearty

With cakes, bhelpuris, samosas & potato chips to eat
The party was nothing short of a wonderful treat!!

Bamboola Play School was a great choice
With greenery around and away from noise

Kudos to the organizers and especially your parents
Who shower you with love that never ends

Hope you liked my gift – Bow bow!
I know you would definitely love

And here’s a big hug
For the cute mug