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My Experience …through my mother’s pen

On Jan 24th 2011, the students of classes 3, 4 & 5
Were all very excited and in spirits so high

It was the day we set off for an excursion
Coromandal Club at Sriperumbudur was the location

After a prayer, we began our much awaited journey
Our class teachers & 3 masters were there to accompany

In batches of three, we went on a camel ride
Seated tall, it was a moment filled with pride

Magician, with the touch of his magic stick
Enthralled us with a show that was fantastic

The most enjoyable was the ride on the bullock cart
Sudden pour of rain (man-made) was the surprise part

The teachers played cricket and had fun
It was really nice to see them all run

Amidst the excitement and entertainment
There was, for me, a little disappointment

I lost my slippers- a brand new pair, I must say
It was a gift from my grandma on my birthday

”Losing slippers or shoes is always good” is a superstitious belief
When my aunty said this, it was a sort of consolation and relief

Above all, the fun we had, made me forget my sadness
I walked home bare-footed with no less happiness

Our special thanks to the Principal, teachers and management
For giving a change from the routine that was full of enjoyment

Thanks to our van drivers for the safe travel
All said and done…All’s well that ends well

S. Maya – IV STD B and mother – Durga U.K



On Saturday, the 7th February 2015, was our much awaited picnic!
We set off along with 7 teachers in 4 buses to a place so terrific!!

The picnic spot was none other than the Choki Dhani Village!
Known for bringing to life – a colourful Rajasthani  heritage!!

This village has all the elements of ethnic culture and tradition!
With food, fun & entertainment – all at one-stop destination!!

The moment we reached there, we were given a warm welcome!
With juice, smearing of Tilak, dummy horse dance & beats of drum!!

After refreshing ourselves, we got set for many a ride with pride!
Bullock Cart ride, Horse ride, & what more – we even had camel ride!!

Next, we watched the Rope balance that was truly amazing & exciting!
Followed by Puppet show & Magic show which were quite entertaining!!

With great confidence we went to play Maze!
But alas! We got confused & lost track of the place!!

Meanwhile, some students got their hands beautified with Mehendi!
And managed to make friends with those artists by conversing in Hindi!!

Few lucky ones got beautiful tiny pots made by the Potter!
Which were so creatively and skillfully done then & there!!

Peeping through bioscope was a new experience altogether!
Though it was an age-old form of motion picture projector!!

Then, we went to Saibaba temple inside the cave!
And came back with the blessings (we believed) he gave!!

Alas! The time had come to depart!
Which we did with a heavy heart!!

 A picnic filled with fun & excitement– none can forget ever!
We will cherish all these in our memories forever!!

Photos captured in many of our mobile phones are a treasure!
That’ll surely help us to relive those moments with pleasure!!

We thank the Principal, teachers, staff & the management!
For having arranged a picnic that was full of enjoyment!!

S. Maya
Akshayah Matriculation Hr Sec School
 (Saai, Madhumitha, Varshitha, Gitanjali, Zeba &  Maya went to Pondicherry along with Saai's parents Saravanan and Sangeetha)

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